Eleventh Hour: Introduction

I began this blog with many ideas and directions I wanted to explore surrounding the importance of creativity and the process of creative work. Needless to say, my path was massively diverted in 2020. Instead of scrapping previous posts to start from scratch, I kept them to serve as part of the unfolding project’s larger […]

Writer’s Block: Writing Anyway

This isn’t my first blog, but it is the first blog that will get pretty messy for what I’m used to. It will be a growing, evolving project. I feel like I was given a rare bulb to plant, with no idea what I’ve planted in the garden. Years have gone by, and it became […]

Writer’s Block: The First Signs

This is the beginning of a social experiment¬†I am conducting on myself, in the hopes of getting to the roots of the elusive experience of Writer’s Block, also known by many other names. For creatives, when something stands in the way of feeling passionate about our art, engaged, or productive, we feel lost. I started […]

Writer’s Block: The Experiment Begins

Some say it’s a myth. Some say they are plagued by years of creative drought. Artists, writers, and creators of all kinds have at least some experience with a lack of forward movement on their projects. A standstill, a pause, a hiatus? To be a writer, you must by definition, write. You must make music, […]


Many artists of all kinds learn from the start that a creative flow simply isn’t steady and constant. In fact, most of the time it seems frustratingly elusive with a life of its own. Insights suddenly interrupt you when you’re washing your hair, then completely escape you when the time comes to sit down and […]