About Me

As a child, my ability to express myself through writing kept my head in the clouds. Whether it was story telling or diving into research on a topic that left me curious, I found myself immersed in words and discovered a unique ability to assert my thoughts on paper.

Studying psychology during my undergraduate years gave me plenty of opportunities to investigate all things related to people. I am fascinated by human behavior, theories about personality, persuasion, and motivation. Naturally, I found myself drawn to the wide world of marketing and advertising: In the form of written content. I have found endless possibilities by developing my experience with varios digital design tools.

My college days also taught me the importance of good writing (and the way simple mistakes can discredit your voice). So much of the content we are exposed to is underwhelming, if not painfully bad. Meeting deadlines and using my time wisely was a huge part of my success as a student and continues to be a foundation for productivity in my career.

Copywriting is the art of reaching the right audience through a perfect combination of research writing and sales. I am fortunate to say this is not only my passion, but my calling and vocation. Above all else, I love the process of curating and integrating information– no matter what the subject.

If you are interested in my past work experience and current projects, take a look at my LinkedIn profile. I’ve provided a few samples of my writing and a list of my services, with others upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas you may have for marketing your business– I would love to help you develop and communicate your vision.