Eleventh Hour: Introduction

I began this blog with many ideas and directions I wanted to explore surrounding the importance of creativity and the process of creative work. Needless to say, my path was massively diverted in 2020. Instead of scrapping previous posts to start from scratch, I kept them to serve as part of the unfolding project’s larger scope.

…an ever-evolving example of those “happy accidents” that are needed

to contribute something elevated and worthy of consideration…

For a time I was convinced I suffered from typical Writer’s Block. No doubt that a once-flowing river was dammed up, but what was the force working against me? Likely myself, or simply life itself. A touch of stage-fright, a side of Imposter Syndrome.

Scratch all that– I was out of touch with myself, and there was no formula to fix my inability to write.

I just simply did not have the fuel to follow through with a singular project.

If anything, it was a time of rumination and reflection that I later realized wasn’t paralysis.

The more I struggled against it and labeled it a problem to be solved… the more it felt like quicksand.

Perhaps it was time to get swallowed up.

Jotting down scribbles in between pages of to-do lists. Jumping out of the shower once in a while to try to recapture the masterpiece I’d just transcribed then immediately lost inside my head. Watching social media deteriorate into dust… it was quite a time for a writer putting energy and time into publishing free content into a thankless data machine. *Ahem*, building a platform is what I mean, of course.

Here is to continuing in the same spirit of putting out innovative and changing works of art, to learning and bringing my being upward.

Elevating. Serving my talents.

I don’t promise that this blog will actually accomplish any of that, really. What I do know is that my energy is valuable, and this will be a place of reflection and growth. To explore the craft and experience of blogging, and finding my own purpose for it.

The lack of social media links are not an oversight. This blog space will be the one place I post digital content as of right now, and I don’t expect that to change. While currently writing a non-fiction book and building new educational products, this is my free space.

Here, the rules are meant to change, and this is the single theme that has not changed throughout the life of this blog.

I promise to make it up as I go.

See you around. XO


If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.

Katharine Hepburn

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