Writer’s Block: The Experiment Begins

Some say it’s a myth.

Some say they are plagued by years of creative drought.

Artists, writers, and creators of all kinds have at least some experience with a lack of forward movement on their projects.

A standstill, a pause, a hiatus? To be a writer, you must by definition, write. You must make music, paint pictures, edit videos, whatever you do, or you may lose your sense of that part of your identity.

Every trick in the book has kept me from blogging, and several other things that I know I enjoy. Blocks like perfectionism run deep and can paralyze your work, your ability to create.

For better or worse I am no stranger to this,

so I developed an experiment…


Sometimes it’s about the smallest victories.

There was nothing in my plans today that included starting this blog I’ve been ruminating on for months upon months.

Instead, I’m taking another small step, ignoring the excuses, and giving this a try; polished or not.


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